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  • CD : Traditional Mexican Mariachi / Various (2PC)
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    CD : Traditional Mexican Mariachi / Various (2PC)

    -Titulo Original : Traditional Mexican Mariachi / Various-Fabricante : RETRO GOLD-Descripcion Original: Out of print in the U.S. Digitally remastered reissue of Slow hand's 1981 album, his last for RSO Records before signing with Warner Brothers. Produced by Tom Dowd, Another Ticket finds Clapton backed by a stellar group of musicians including Albert Lee, Gary Brooker, Henry Spinetti and Chris Stainton. Nine tracks including 'Something Special', 'I Can't Stand It' and 'Rita Mae'. Universal...
  • CD : Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide / 7th Symphony (2 Discos)
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    CD : Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide / 7th Symphony (2 Discos)

    -Titulo Original : 2 Cd Worlds Collide7th Symphony-Fabricante : CD-Descripcion Original: APOCALYPTICA - WORLDS COLLIDE/SEVENTH SYMPHONY - 2 CD SE...
  • Resonance Pt.2 NCT [Arrival ver]- Album+Extra Photocards Set
    Precio:  $12,819.00

    Resonance Pt.2 NCT [Arrival ver]- Album+Extra Photocards Set

    -Titulo Original : NCT - The 2nd Album Resonance Pt.2 [Arrival ver.] Album+Extra Photocards Set-Fabricante : SM ENT.-Descripcion Original: Fecha de lanzamiento : 2020.12.01 ? CD + Photocard (al azar 1 de 23) + Access Card (al azar 1 de 23) + Sticker (al azar 1 de 2) + On Pack Poster ? Viene con un juego de tarjetas fotográficas extra de doble cara (regalo de la tienda KPOP MARKET) ? Artículo 100% original y nuevo ? Se contará para la carta de Hanteo y Gaon ?Track List? 1. 90’s Love 2. Misfit 3. Raise The Roof 4. Volcano 5. ??? (Light Bulb) 6. Dancing In The Rain 7. My Everything 8. Interlude: Past to Present 9. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) 10. ??? (Déjà Vu; ???) 11. ??? (Nectar) 12. Music, Dance 13. ??? (Faded In My Last Song) 14. From Home 15. From Home (Korean Ver.) 16. Make A Wish (Birthday Song) (English Ver.) 17. Interlude: Present to Future 18. Work It 19. ?? (All About You) 20. I.O.U 21. Outro: Dream Routin...
  • CD : Subrosa - More Constant Than the Gods
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    CD : Subrosa - More Constant Than the Gods

    -Titulo Original : More Constant Than The Gods-Fabricante : PROFOUND LORE-Descripcion Original: Since their formation in the summer of 2005, SubRosa has been recognized as one of the more unique bands in the Doom Rock genre. Underpinned by a monolithically heavy rhythm section and featuring two electric violinists and the enchanting vocals of Rebecca Vernon, the Salt Lake City-based group garnered widespread critical acclaim in 2011 for their third album No Help for the Mighty Ones, a powerful mix of Kyuss, Sleep, L7 and PJ Harvey as well as folk, neoclassical and chamber music influences. With their 2013 full-length, SubRosa presents their most accomplished and enrapturing work yet, one that shall bring the band even more accolades. More Constant Than the Gods continues in the vein of it's predecessor while improving upon the aspects that landed that release on so many Best of 2011 lists...
  • CD : Schumann / Downes / San Francisco Ballet Orch - For...
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    CD : Schumann / Downes / San Francisco Ballet Orch - For...

    -Titulo Original : For Love of You-Fabricante : Polydor-Descripcion Original: Product Description My Clara, what would I not do for love of you? (Robert Schumann to Clara Wieck, 1838) FOR LOVE OF YOU is a tribute to Clara Wieck-Schumann, pianist and composer, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of her birth (9/13/1819). Continuing the celebration of trailblazing women in music that began with her 2019 chart-topping release HOLES IN THE SKY, Lara Downes remembers the early inspiration she found in Clara Schumann's life and work. In Downes' words: ''I'm the first of three sisters, and I grew up in a house full of girls and women. My sisters and I made music together, put on plays, shared our clothes and secrets, and navigated together the unpredictable waters of our inconstant childhood. We were a pack. The world of women has always been my home. But the world of my music - of my piano teachers and their teachers, the Great Pianists and Great Composers – was a world of male lineage and legacy. Except for Clara Schumann. When I read about her early life - such a serious, dark-eyed little girl - I found something of myself. I played her music as soon as I could get my hands around it. As I grew up, the themes of her life resonated in my own: a struggle for independence; a defiant romance, the work/family conflicts of the artist's life... As my life unfolds, as a woman, a musician, a mother - I wonder at her accomplishments, her choices, her joys and her heartaches.'' The solo piano works on this recording date from the last three tumultuous and decisive years of Clara and Robert's courtship, before their marriage in 1840. These imaginative and emotionally profound pieces - Robert's Fantasiestücke, Op. 12 and Clara's Romances, Op. 11 - illustrate the passion and creative synergies that brought two great artists together, despite obstacles and struggles, into a union that produced some of the greatest works of the Romantic era. Robert's Piano Concerto was written at Clara's incessant urging and under her guidance, intended as a vehicle for her pianistic brilliance. Downes performs the concerto here in tribute to the remarkable woman who coaxed this music into existence and brought it to life under her hands - a lasting testament to Robert's boundless love for his Clara. Review ''For Love of You, the new album from Lara Downes, marks the bicentennial of Clara Schumann s birth in rich Romantic style. The pianist offers respectful, impassioned performances of works by Clara amid more familiar music by her husband Robert.'' --BlogCritics.Org ''She [Lara] follows this with some early solo piano pieces by Clara Schumann and a set of early works by Robert. The style and level of compositional expertise is similar in both of their writing and Downes brings them lovingly, magically to life. One only hopes that this will be but the first volume of more recordings of Clara s work.''
  • CD : BTS - Mic Drop / DNA / Crystal Snow: Type A (Japan - Im
    Precio:  $7,959.00

    CD : BTS - Mic Drop / DNA / Crystal Snow: Type A (Japan - Im

    -Titulo Original : Mic Drop / DNA / Crystal Snow: Type A-Fabricante : Polydor-Descripcion Original: This is a bundled set of the single MIC Drop / DNA / Crystal Snow by BTS (Bangtan Boys). From the LOVEYOUR SELF AUTHOR 'HER' which recorded 7th in the BTS who is boiling the whole world, 7th place in the Billboard 200 and the 1st in the 77 countries and regions in the iTunes Album Chart Includes Japanese ver. Of hit single DNA, MIC Drop, and also released a long-awaited new single (Triple A side of the first) including a new song Crystal Snow produced in Japan's original project! New song Crystal Snow is recorded only in this work, BTS (bulletproof boy band) has become a winter song for Japanese fans, there is no doubt that it will be a very special song...
  • Vinilo Brother Ali - Mourning in America and Dreaming in
    Precio:  $12,389.00

    Vinilo Brother Ali - Mourning in America and Dreaming in

    -Titulo Original : Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color-Fabricante : VINYL-Descripcion Original: Vinyl LP pressing. Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color finds Brother Ali reborn and rejuvenated. On his fourth full length studio album Ali teams up with seasoned producer Jake One (50 Cent, de la Soul, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa) to tell a very different American story as he addresses the plights of our nation. This is Brother Ali as you've never heard him before...
  • CD Fearless (Taylors Version) [2 CD]
    Precio:  $5,969.00

    CD Fearless (Taylors Version) [2 CD]

    -Titulo Original : Fearless (Taylors Version) [2 CD]-Fabricante : Republic-Descripcion Original: Fearless era un álbum lleno de magia y curiosidad, la dicha y devastación de la juventud. Era el diario de las aventuras y exploraciones de una adolescente que estaba aprendiendo pequeñas lecciones con cada nueva grieta en la fachada del final de cuento de hadas que se ha mostrado en las películas. Estoy encantado de decirles que mi nueva versión de Fearless está lista y pronto estará contigo. Se llama Fearless (Taylors Version) e incluye 26 canciones . - Taylor Swift. Incluye 6 temas inéditos...
  • CD : Shelter by Dead Guitars (2016-05-04)
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    CD : Shelter by Dead Guitars (2016-05-04)

    -Titulo Original : Shelter By Dead Guitars (2016-05-04)-Fabricante : Sireena-Descripcion Original: The Hard Way by One More Gir...
  • Vinilo : Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Stay Good
    Precio:  $4,529.00

    Vinilo : Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Stay Good

    -Titulo Original : Stay Good-Fabricante : Polydor-Descripcion Original: Brooklyn Funk Essentials have been fusing soul, hip hop, spoken word, jazz and, of course, funk for 25 years and over 6 albums, the most recent 'Stay Good' is released on September 20th. During this time they have made a name for themselves as electric performers, exhilarating their loyal and broad fanbase with performances on every continent. Established in the early '90s by Arthur Baker and Lati Kronlund, Brooklyn Funk Essentials were regulars of New York's vibrant club scene when their debut album, 'Cool & Steady & Easy', hit the shelves. Released by pioneering funk and electronic taste-makers Dorado Records and combining classic funk's raw, mind-bending basslines, peak-era disco's euphoric vocals and early hip-hop's observational lyricism, the album and it's follow up, 'Make Em Like It' topped charts around the world.Fast forward to 2019 and following 2015's reunion with Dorado and the success of 'Funk Ain't Ova', the band are set to release 'Stay Good', a fun, funky and fresh collection of tracks featuring throughout are the powerful and soulful vocals of Alison Limerick, now a full time member of the band. Lati wrote and produced her debut hit 'Where Love Lives'. They begin a European tour in September and visit the Americas early next year. The LP version includes 8 track...
  • CD : Faith No More - Real Thing (CD)
    Precio:  $5,449.00
    Expira: 07/03/2021

    CD : Faith No More - Real Thing (CD)

    -Titulo Original : The Real Thing-Fabricante : Polydor-Descripcion Original: Product description No Description Available No Track Information Available CD FAITH NO MORE REAL THING 06/20/1989 Domestic ROCK/POP Faith No More are virtually impossible to categorize; they blend metal and rap elements in a mix that becomes seamless on The Real Thing, whose hit single, Epic, is a perfect combination of these disparate genres. Other high points are the thrashy Surprise! You're Dead!, an excellent cover of Black Sabbath's War Pigs, the funk-layered-with-keyboards Falling to Pieces, and the soft but spooky Zombie Eaters. With the addition of vocalist Mike Patton, the band secured a highly talented frontman and skilled lyricist. The Real Thing is one of those rare albums that is impossible to quantify but astoundingly good. More accessible than the follow-up Angel Dust, it's also the first album new Faith No More listeners should get. --Genevieve William...
  • CD : Dion - Abraham Martin & John [No USA] (United Kingdom -
    Precio:  $4,179.00

    CD : Dion - Abraham Martin & John [No USA] (United Kingdom -

    -Titulo Original : Abraham Martin & John-Fabricante : Ace (Label)-Descripcion Original: Includes the bonus track 'Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms)' the B-side of the single release of 'Abraham, Martin And John'. After his earlier career, both with the Belmonts and as a solo artist, Dion made some revelatory blues recordings for the Columbia label. Heroin addiction then took it's toll and he stayed out of the studio for several years. In 1968, cleaned up but without a record deal, he approached Laurie Records, the company that released his first recordings with the Belmonts. Marking the beginning of his singer/songwriter phase that includes his Warner Brothers recordings, it features low-key but personal versions of songs by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and a very unusual version of 'Purple Haze'...
  • CD : Jagger Chris - Chris Jagger
    Precio:  $5,289.00
    Expira: 17/02/2021

    CD : Jagger Chris - Chris Jagger

    -Titulo Original : Chris Jagger-Fabricante : CD-Descripcion Original: Yesenia Adame s Salsa Dance Fitness Party is a joyful and explosive celebration of expressive movement, creative fitness, and the ever-captivating upbeat spirit & sensuality of Cuban salsa. Following Yesenia s salsa instruction video bestsellers Salsa...Solo! and Sexy Salsa, this new program has been created for women who want to work out while learning and practicing salsa steps, variations, and flourishes solo. As you work out, you will be dancing to amazing music played live by the celebrated New York City salsa band, The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio. Salsa moves have a fantastic sculpting and toning potential, and when performed at a fast tempo, salsa dancing offers cardio workout benefits. Dance-based workouts have the highest motivational component of any exercise programs, as you are not just working out, but also learning and polishing your dance skills, acquiring technique, grace and confidence for both the dance floor and everyday life. To make sure you get the maximum learning benefits from her dance fitness program, Yesenia starts by discussing salsa rhythm with Manuel Carro of The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio. Manuel explains the structure of the salsa rhythm and teaches you to count the salsa beat, so you can dance competently as either a solo or partner dancer. Next, with her team of professional salsa dancers, Yesenia breaks down the steps for each dance sequence in the Salsa Dance Fitness Party workout. Here you learn the moves and combinations for the entire workout step-by-step and see how they fit the counts of the salsa beat. Whenever you need to refresh your salsa technique, you can revisit this tutorial section before restarting your workout. The Salsa Dance Fitness Party workout is all non-stop high-energy movement to live music by The Enrique Luis Lopez Cuban Trio. Yesenia leads you through a series of beautiful salsa combinations, perfect for a nightclub dance floor, for performance on stage, or for any festive occasion where you hear salsa music. The dance sequences progress from slower to faster tempo and build combinations gradually, keeping up a vibrant pace so that you work out every group of muscles. The program includes a warmup and a cooldown...
  • CD : Midge Ure - Soundtrack: 1978-2019 (3 Discos) (18-10-201
    Precio:  $6,559.00

    CD : Midge Ure - Soundtrack: 1978-2019 (3 Discos) (18-10-201

    -Titulo Original : Soundtrack: 1978-2019-Fabricante : Polydor-Descripcion Original: Best known for his work with Ultravox and as a co-founder writer/founder of Band Aid's 'Do They Know It's Christmas', Midge Ure has also had a rich and illustrious career prior to Ultravox with the Rich Kids, Visage and throughout his career as a solo artist. Chrysalis Records are releasing a new 32-song collection, encompassing four decades of Midge Ure's rich and varied career. This 2CD/1DVD is presented with double-gatefold card sleeves, a 20-page booklet with track notes by Midge and housed in a clamshell box. It features promo videos including the Rich Kids, through to his solo work and various collaborations. Bonus features include documentaries and additional live and video clips. As a special bonus, Midge has recorded a commentary over the promo videos...
  • CD : Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Goin Home
    Precio:  $4,049.00

    CD : Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Goin Home

    -Titulo Original : Goin Home-Fabricante : Shepherd, Kenny Wayne-Descripcion Original: Out of print in the U.S. Digitally remastered reissue of Slow hand's 1981 album, his last for RSO Records before signing with Warner Brothers. Produced by Tom Dowd, Another Ticket finds Clapton backed by a stellar group of musicians including Albert Lee, Gary Brooker, Henry Spinetti and Chris Stainton. Nine tracks including 'Something Special', 'I Can't Stand It' and 'Rita Mae'. Universal...
  • CD : Ledger EP
    Precio:  $4,959.00

    CD : Ledger EP

    -Titulo Original : Ledger EP-Fabricante : Atlantic-Descripcion Original: United Kingdom released, Blu-Ray/Region A/B/C : it WILL NOT play on regular DVD player. You need Blu-Ray DVD player to view this Blu-Ray DVD: LANGUAGES: English ( Dolby Digital 2.0 ), WIDESCREEN (1.78:1), SPECIAL FEATURES: 2-DVD Set, Behind the scenes, Interactive Menu, Scene Access, SYNOPSIS: It's hard to believe it's over. Life On Mars shot out of nowhere at the beginning of 2006 to become a vital, gripping drama, and this second series more than maintains the sky high standards that the first so memorably set. What makes it even more surprising is that all the ingredients were there for it to go so tragically wrong. The central premise, that for unknown reasons modern day police detective Sam Tyler wakes up in the 1970s, is fraught with potential potholes, yet the creators of Life On Mars twist it very much in their favour, delivering a skilful, taut comparison between policing then and policing now. It's this clash of approach that provides many of Life On Mars' sparks, but nonetheless, it has much more than that going for it. It boasts, for instance, a terrific level of attention to detail, and weaves in quality narrative too, with Tyler frequently caught between unravelling his predicament, the crimes before him, and his 1970s' colleagues with their 1970s' tactics. This second, and final, series wraps things up surprisingly well, and consistently delivers laughs, action and plenty of pub talk off the back of it. It's also a delight to revisit Life On Mars, and that makes this collected boxset of the episodes of season two an absolute must for any fan of gritty, interesting and terrifically entertaining British drama. Quite, quite brilliant. SCREENED/AWARDED AT: BAFTA Awards, Edgar Allan Poe Awards, Emmy Awards, ...Life on Mars (Complete Series 2) - 2-Disc Set ( Life on Mars - Complete Series Two ...
  • CD : Coldplay - Ghost Stories: Live 2014 (+DVD 2 Disc)
    Precio:  $5,019.00

    CD : Coldplay - Ghost Stories: Live 2014 (+DVD 2 Disc)

    -Titulo Original : Ghost Stories Live 2014 (CD/DVD)-Fabricante : Wb / Parlophone-Descripcion Original: is the new concert film and live album from Coldplay. Filmed by Grammy-nominated director Paul Dugdale, the film documents the band’s unique performance of the Ghost Stories album to a small handful of fans in March 2014, two months prior to the album’s release. Shot in a custom-built amphitheatre at Sony Studios, Los Angeles, the ground-breaking production sets the band’s performance against stunning 360-degree and overhead imagery. Said Chris Martin: “The Ghost Stories show at Sony Studios was a very special moment for our band. The magic theatre built by our incredible crew with the 360 screens was literally a dream come true. And it was the first time anyone outside of our studio had heard the new songs. This film is basically our original vision for the Ghost Stories album.” Parts of the performance were first broadcast in May 2014 as a Coldplay TV Special by major broadcasters around the world, including NBC in the US and Sky Arts in the UK (where the film has already been nominated for Best Live Coverage at this year’s UK Music Video Awards). But Ghost Stories Live 2014 is the first time that the performance has been sequenced as originally conceived: a visual representation of the Ghost Stories album. The release also contains an exclusive Ghost Stories live album, with audio recorded at the band’s rapturously-received shows in London, Sydney, Paris, Cologne, New York and Los Angeles between April and July 2014. The package is completed by eight music videos from the Ghost Stories era, including two never-before-seen films for B-sides All Your Friends and Ghost Story plus the exclusive Extended Director’s Cut of the Magic video (with a brand new cameo from Peter Fonda). Ghost Stories Live 2014 is Coldplay’s first DVD release since the Grammy-nominated Live 2012 concert film...
  • BTS - Map Of The Soul: Persona
    Precio:  $9,829.00

    BTS - Map Of The Soul: Persona

    -Titulo Original : Mapa de Bts del alma : Persona [Ver. 03] - Pack de CD, Fotobook, Fotocard, Póster Plegado con Beneficio Pre Pedido, Set de pegatinas decorativas, Set de Fotografía-Fabricante : BTS-Descripcion Original: Juego de destornilladores aislados intercambiables con mango aislado, 5 cuchillas aisladas intercambiables y una bolsa de transporte Incluye tamaños de boquillas: dos Phillips n. ° 2, dos ranuradas de 1/4 de pulgada, una Phillips n. ° 1, una cuadrada n. ° 1, una cuadrada n. ° 2 y una ranurada de 3/16 pulgadas Suelte la hoja de forma segura y sencilla con un giro rápido del collar de bloqueo Cuchillas intercambiables con una punta delgada para adaptarse a bloques de terminales ajustados El mango y la hoja tienen una clasificación de aislamiento de 1000 voltios y cumplen o exceden la norma ASTM F1505 para aislamient...
  • CD : Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation (CD)
    Precio:  $2,669.00

    CD : Jefferson Airplane - Crown of Creation (CD)

    -Titulo Original : Crown Of Creation-Fabricante : Legacy-Descripcion Original: Out of print in the U.S. Digitally remastered reissue of Slow hand's 1981 album, his last for RSO Records before signing with Warner Brothers. Produced by Tom Dowd, Another Ticket finds Clapton backed by a stellar group of musicians including Albert Lee, Gary Brooker, Henry Spinetti and Chris Stainton. Nine tracks including 'Something Special', 'I Can't Stand It' and 'Rita Mae'. Universal...
  • CD : Inherit Disease - Ephemeral
    Precio:  $5,469.00
    Expira: 03/04/2021

    CD : Inherit Disease - Ephemeral

    -Titulo Original : Ephemeral-Fabricante : CD-Descripcion Original: INHERIT DISEASE - EPHEMERAL - C...
    Precio:  $11,899.00


    -Titulo Original : BORDER: CARNIVAL [UP Version]-Fabricante : BeLift Lab-Descripcion Original: El segundo lanzamiento de ENHYPEN, la banda de K-pop que arrasó el año pasado. Tres versiones diferentes disponibles: HYPE, UP y DOWN. Todas contienen un CD, un libro de fotos de lujo, un libro de letras, un póster plegado y una postal exclusiva. Cada versión incluye 2 tarjetas fotográficas (de 45 ejemplares al azar), 1 tarjeta lenticular especial (de 21 ejemplares al azar), una entrada de feria y una pegatina autografiada. 450 paquetes en todo el mundo incluirán también una polaroid única al azar. Dimensiones del paquete (en mm) 200 x 200 x 26...
  • CD : Helloween - My God Given Right (Asia - Import 2 Disc)
    Precio:  $7,979.00

    CD : Helloween - My God Given Right (Asia - Import 2 Disc)

    -Titulo Original : My God Given Right-Fabricante : Loen Entertainment-Descripcion Original: A 12 year old Finnish pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actor has charmed northern Europe. As a small child he appeared in Kristina Fr+Ñn Duvem+Ñla on stage on the Swedish Theater in Helsinki...
  • BTS - BE (Edición Delux)
    Precio:  $14,709.00

    BTS - BE (Edición Delux)

    -Titulo Original : BE (Deluxe Edition)-Fabricante : BTS-Descripcion Original: Modelo compatible: este protector de pantalla solo se adapta a iPad de 10,9 pulgadas (iPad Air 4 2020 (A2325) Sin orificio para la cámara sin polvo. Compatibilidad con Apple Pencil: el protector de pantalla para iPad es compatible con Apple Pencil. Solo un grosor de 0,5 mm mantiene la sensibilidad de la pantalla original. A prueba de arañazos: este vidrio templado de dureza 9H puede proteger eficazmente su iPad Air 4 de marcas y arañazos no deseados. La claridad de alta definición y la transmisión de luz mantienen una experiencia y una calidad de visualización originales e impresionantes, proporcionan una visualización clara de alta definición para su iPad Air 4. El revestimiento de pantalla hidrofóbico oleofóbico mantiene la suavidad al tacto...
  • CD : JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP - Belmont Mall Studio Session
    Precio:  $2,999.00

    CD : JOHN COUGAR MELLENCAMP - Belmont Mall Studio Session

    -Titulo Original : Belmont Mall Studio Session-Fabricante : Polydor-Descripcion Original: C...
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