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  • Tempest 4000 - Playstation 4
    Precio:  $3,467.00

    Tempest 4000 - Playstation 4

    -Titulo Original : Tempest 4000 - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Nighthawk Interactive-Descripcion Original: Arcade style shooter: Blast down hordes of enemies in this fast-paced arcade style shoot 'em up // Fantastical world: experience tempest 4000's mind-blowing and colorful graphics in beautiful 4K Resolution // 3 game modes: pick from 3 different game modes including classic, Pure and endurance that will push your skills to the limit // 100 levels: progress and clear through 100 unique geometric levels by destroying enemies // Old school gameplay: experience the traditional gameplay of the original tempest with enhanced graphics on current-gen Console // Tempest 4000 is a visually stunning, action-packed tube shooter based on the classic hit arcade game Tempest. Developed by legendary game designer, jeff minter, Tempest 4000 remains faithful to the original fast-paced gameplay by putting you in control of the claw, a powerful spacecraft equipped to destroy deadly creatures and other obstructions with rapid-fire shots on vibrant geometric Prism Featuring fantastical graphical environments, 100 levels, three game modes, and more, you must eliminate all enemies as fast as possible to survive and compete for the highest score on the leaderboards...
  • Devil May Cry 5 - Xbox One
    Precio:  $6,549.00

    Devil May Cry 5 - Xbox One

    -Titulo Original : Devil May Cry 5 - Xbox One-Fabricante : Capcom-Descripcion Original: High octane stylized action – Featuring three playable characters each with a radically different stylish combat play style as they take on the city overrun with demons // Groundbreaking graphics – Developed with Capcom’s in-house proprietary RE engine, the series continues to achieve new heights in fidelity with graphics that utilize photorealistic character designs and stunning lighting and environmental effects // Take down the demonic invasion – Battle against epic bosses in adrenaline fueled fights across the over-run Red Grave City all to the beat of a truly killer soundtrack // Demon hunter - Nero, one of the series main protagonists and a young demon hunter who has the blood of Sparda, heads to Red Grave City to face the hellish onslaught of demons, with weapons craftswoman and new partner-in-crime, Nico // Platform:  |  Edition: The Devil you know returns in this brand new entry in the over-the-top action series. Prepare to get downright demonic with this signature blend of high-octane stylized action and otherworldly & original characters the series is known for. Director Hideaki Itsuno and the core team have returned to create the most insane, technically advanced and utterly unmissable action experience of this generation! The threat of demonic power has returned to menace the world once again in Devil May Cry 5. The invasion begins when the seeds of a “demon tree” take root in Red Grave City. As this hellish incursion starts to take over the city, a young demon hunter Nero, arrives with his partner Nico in their “Devil May Cry” motorhome. Finding himself without the use of his right arm, Nero enlists Nico, a self-professed weapons artist, to design a variety of unique mechanical Devil Breaker arms to give him extra powers to take on evil demons such as the blood sucking flying Empusa and giant colossus enemy Goliath...
  • Earth Defense Force 4.1 - PlayStation Hits Edition -...
    Precio:  $3,835.00

    Earth Defense Force 4.1 - PlayStation Hits Edition -...

    -Titulo Original : Earth Defense Force 4.1 - PlayStation Hits Edition - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Xseed-Descripcion Original: Four classes, each with upgrades - play as the versatile Ranger, the flying wing diver, the vehicle-summoning air Raider, or the Armored fencer, each with unique Gear and abilities // Arsenal at your fingertips - choose from hundreds of weapons and vehicles as you Fire man-portable cannons, Call in airstrikes, drive tanks, pilot jetpacks, or get behind the controls of a giant robot // You are not alone - bring up to three friends into any of a whopping 98 online missions. Share vehicles, watch each other's backs, and use teamwork to beat the odds // Earth Defense force 4, better than ever - 4.1 runs at a steady 60 FPS and supports up to 1080p, while newly revised missions feature more npc soldiers, who now respond to the player's commands // Edition: The wild sci-fi action of the “edf” series comes to the PlayStation4 for the first time in this complete reimagining of Earth defense force 2025, now with Silky smooth framerates, beefed up graphics, and over 50% new content. After selecting from one of four unique playable classes and customizing their weapons, players will lead npc troops into city-wide battles against hordes of seemingly endless giant Bugs, robots, and other colossal enemies. Two players can enjoy local co-op and versus modes, while online Co-op supports up to four players to increase the odds against a massive swarm of enemies...
  • Troll & I - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $2,014.00

    Troll & I - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : Troll & I - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Maximum Games-Descripcion Original: A Mythical Adventure - Befriend the fabled Troll and embark on a journey through the Nordic wilderness as two outcasts struggling to survive // Cooperative Split-Screen Multiplayer - Play through the story campaign locally with a friend // Seamlessly Switch Characters - Swap between Otto and the Troll on the fly and play as contrasting characters, each with a unique presence and gameplay functionality // Diversified Combat - Choose your combat style based on the situation; Become the Troll and stomp hunters with your massive feet, or smash them with your giant fists // Terrain-Based Weapons and Crafting - Gather materials and craft deadly weapons that you’ll need to survive your journey // Platform:  |  Edition: Deep in the Nordic wilderness, a teenage boy named Otto is forced to flee his home after a band of brutal hunters rip through his village in search of a mythical creature rumored to inhabit the forest. Now on the run for his life, Otto inadvertently finds and befriends the elusive creature being sought by the hunters. Thus begins the perilous adventure of Troll and Otto. Together, the unlikely friends embark on a journey through treacherous territory plagued with rivals. Natives to the forest, Troll and Otto must use their inherent skills to sneak, strategize, and battle their way back home. The forest is filled with unknowns, and teamwork is pivotal to staying alive...
  • Titanfall 2 - PlayStation 4 (xmp)
    Precio:  $1,480.00

    Titanfall 2 - PlayStation 4 (xmp)

    -Titulo Original : Titanfall 2 - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : EA-Descripcion Original: Juego completo, Si eres un principiante o están buscando para tener su dibujo al siguiente nivel, este juego completo ofrece de 12 lápices de colores de alta calidad, incluyendo 6B, 4B, 5B, 3B, 4B, 2B, B, HB, f, H, 2H, 3H, 4H. Calidad, estos lápices de estudio están fabricados con uniforme grafito, lo que resulta en un punto de duradero que ofrece una capacidad de batir. fabricado de madera de tilo, estos lápices son ligeros, aumenta el control, etc. con un diámetro de lápiz de 0,7 cm cada lápiz es cómoda de sostener, mejorar la usabilidad. Gran regalo, esta hermosa 12-pencil Set viene en una lata de metal, por lo que es un gran regalo para cualquier artista. con esta gama de lápices, artistas se benefician de una mayor versatilidad. de fino, detallado ilustraciones a con relieve sombreado, estos lápices de dibujo hará un gran regalo para cualquier ocasión. para mejorar su regalo, añadir nuestra), multimedia o profesional (destornillador Kit. Comodidad: empaquetados juntos en un lugar conveniente significa que los artistas pueden llevar a sus 12 lápices cuando esté fuera de casa.. Ideal para estudiantes de arte o cualquier persona que le gusta dibujar en varias ubicaciones, este juego hace que sea más fácil que nunca para crear obras de arte independientemente de donde el artista e...
  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $1,940.00

    Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : Shaq Fu A Legend Reborn - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Wired Productions-Descripcion Original: Fight your way through the streets as none other than Shaq Fu himself, voiced by the real deal, Shaquille O'Neal. // Battle fashionistas, politicians, robots, clones, hackers, flying derrieres, and rappers with your raw fists and smoking hot lead. // Slip into Dirty Barry mode and rack up a killstreak with your handy assault rifle and an abundant supply of grenades. // Take out the bad guys from a distance with a variety of firearms, including a shotgun, railgun, and machine gun. // String together power moves like the Barack 'n Rolla and South Side Smash to create devastating combos. // The world is on the brink of disaster. Demonic celebrities have taken over the planet. Only one man can save us: a poor Chinese orphan named Shaq Fei Hung. In Shaq Fu, players take control of the unstoppable Shaquille O'Neal as he fights his way through the hordes of Hell and Hollywood. Defeat dozens of enemies, asShaq learns new moves, travels to unique locations and battles the legions of the damned. At the end of each journey, Shaq must face down a powerful boss ripped straight from tabloid headlines and bent on our destruction. Will he triumph? Of course, he will...It's Shaq...
  • Warriors Orochi 4 - Xbox One
    Precio:  $5,712.00

    Warriors Orochi 4 - Xbox One

    -Titulo Original : Warriors Orochi 4 - Xbox One-Fabricante : KOEI Corp-Descripcion Original: Choose from 170 characters: Heroes gather from the "Samurai Warriors" and "Dynasty Warriors" Universes. // Wield the Power of the Gods: Enjoy a brand new exhilarating Musou action. Sacred treasures empowered by a miraculous power enable characters to evoke magic attacks! // The renowned one versus thousands battle action will see all new additions. // Platform: Pre-order Warriors Orochi 4 (PS4, X1 or NSW) and receive alternative costumes for Xu Shu, Mitsunari Ishida, Da Ji, Wang Yuanji, Wang Yi, Lady Hayakawa, Xingcai, Guo Jia, Takatora Todo, and Yoshitsugu Otani. Set in a world on the brink of chaos, heroes from across the Warring States period of Japan and the Three Kingdoms Era of China successfully defeat the evil Orochi and end his reign. After overcoming their desperate struggle to save the world, our heroes return to their respective eras - or so they think. These two worlds, merged by an unknown entity, are again threatened and the heroes must find the key to restore them and return to their respective homes. As they begin to uncover the mystery surrounding their arrival in these new fused lands, their discoveries lead them to one deity: Zeus, the supreme god among gods...
  • Death Mark - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $5,197.00

    Death Mark - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : Death Mark - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Aksys-Descripcion Original: Search and survive! - to avoid an almost certain gruesome Death at the “hands” of angry spirits, you'll need to search your surroundings for clues to Increase your odds of survival // Choose, but choose wisely - finding clues and hints isn't nearly enough, you'll need to act upon your newfound knowledge by making wise decisions // Ghost busting - sometimes the Sword is more powerful than the Pen. and when words fail, it's time to Stand your ground. Remember the price of not holding your own is an untimely Death // Riddles Me this - it's not enough to defeat the spirit that cursed you, you need to do it in the right way. If you Don't you might survive, but ending up wishing you hadn't // In death mark (PS4, Vita, Switch), a strange rumor is spreading in Tokyo's H city: those who possess the “mark” will die. Unexpectedly appearing on the body, like a chewed up birthmark, the “mark” is said to result in an unknown death. Now, having lost your memory, you Stand before a mysterious House said to protect those who possess the “mark” as the doors swing open, the countdown to death has already begun...
  • MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore Edition - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $4,691.00

    MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore Edition - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore Edition - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Nordic Games-Descripcion Original: Over 30 Tracks - Including challenging Super cross tracks and bonus outdoor tracks from MX vs. ATV Alive! // Career mode with 5 series including an Alive series (250 East, 250 West, 450 MX, 450 ATV, 450 MX vs. ATV) // More than 80 licensed motocross companies in the game to ensure authenticity // Over 60 professional riders licensed to race against // New improved physics and control system including reinterpreting the fan favorite "pre-load" from classic MX vs. ATV games // Platform:  |  Edition: Rip, jump, and scrub your way on over 30 tracks and try to cross the finish line first against more than 60 official riders to attain all that motocross glory. Choose between bikes or ATVs, multiple game modes including Career, Single races, Free Ride, and online multiplayer events with up to 12 players. Perform amazing tricks to impress your fans or just whip over jumps to finish the race first. Customize your rider with items from more than 80 licensed motocross companies and kick up dirt and dust on your way to victory...
  • Final Fantasy Xii The Zodiac Age - Nintendo Switch
    Precio:  $7,745.00

    Final Fantasy Xii The Zodiac Age - Nintendo Switch

    -Titulo Original : Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age - Nintendo Switch-Fabricante : Square Enix-Descripcion Original: The Zodiac Job System – Improved character leveling system that now caters to the player’s preference // Trial Mode – Take on monsters and enemies in up to 100 consecutive battles // Latest-generation HD graphical capabilities, including characters and movie scenes fully remastered in high definition // True 7.1 surround sound, including high definition voicing and newly recorded background music utilizing the current generation of sound production // Modern advancements, including auto-save and shortened loading times // Platform:  |  Edition: Enter an era of war within the world of Ivalice. The small kingdom of Dalmasca, conquered by the Archadian Empire, is left in ruin and uncertainty. Princess Ashe, the one and only heir to the throne, devotes herself to the resistance to liberate her country. Vaan, a young man who lost his family in the war, dreams of flying freely in the skies. In a fight for freedom and fallen royalty, join these unlikely allies and their companions as they embark on a heroic adventure to free their homeland. Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age improves upon the 2006 classic Final Fantasy XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several modern advancements, including reconstructed battle design and a revamped job system. With newly implemented trophies and share functions, as well as stark visual and sound improvements in true HD for the first time, players both returning and new to the game will experience a grand adventure that spans the world of Ivalice in an entirely fresh and improved way...
  • Megadimension Neptunia VIIR - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $6,761.00

    Megadimension Neptunia VIIR - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : Megadimension Neptunia VIIR - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Idea Factory-Descripcion Original: Rendered in a new engine, you'll experience a smoother, richer graphical experience // A renovated battle system allows you to set each attack combo mid-battle and introduces new elements of strategy and resource-management // Transform into even more powerful beings with their next forms, and take control of a different set of characters who want to run Gamindustri // Customize your VR room's furniture with Nep-worthy looks // Megadimension Neptunia VIIR (pronounced “V-two-R”) is coming to the PlayStation 4 system and PlayStation VR. This enhanced version of 2016's Megadimension Neptunia VII features smoother graphics courtesy of a new engine, a revamped battle system, and a whole new VR experience. Now, their dimensions and yours are connected. Hang out one-on-one with each of the Gamindustri Goddesses, listen to their conversations, and watch as the Goddesses react to you...
  • Kingdom Hearts Iii - Xbox One Deluxe Edition
    Precio:  $9,217.00

    Kingdom Hearts Iii - Xbox One Deluxe Edition

    -Titulo Original : Kingdom Hearts III - Xbox One Deluxe Edition-Fabricante : Square Enix-Descripcion Original: Adventure in Disney and Pixar Worlds: Embark on an adventure that spans the Disney universe: Travel across Disney and Pixar worlds to protect them from the Heartless invasion, and befriend and join heroes from Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., Big Hero 6, Tangled, Hercules, and more! // Unlock the Power of the Keyblades: The mysterious and powerful Keyblades can now transform into additional forms with new abilities, moves, and animations. Equip multiple Keyblades and combo between them to unlock spectacular attacks // Experience the Magic Cast: visually stunning, powerful magic spells to battle the Heartless. Call upon Disney-Pixar friends and partner with them for support. Turn the tide of combat by summoning all-new “Attractions” inspired by the theme parks // Thrilling and Action-Packed Battles: Explore and interact directly with the Disney-Pixar worlds. Fight off swarms of Heartless while scaling massive cliffs, diving deep underwater, or even freefalling through the air. Experience unique gameplay elements custom designed for each new world! // Relive Classic Disney Shorts Through Minigames: Take a break from saving the world with over 20 minigames inspired by classic Disney short films. // Platform:  |  Edition: KINGDOM HEARTS III tells the story of the power of friendship and light vs. darkness as Sora and his friends embark on a perilous adventure. Set in a vast array of Disney and Pixar worlds, KINGDOM HEARTS follows the journey of Sora, an unknowing heir to a spectacular power. Sora is joined by Donald Duck and Goofy to stop an evil force known as the Heartless from invading and overtaking the universe. Sora, Donald, and Goofy unite with iconic Disney-Pixar characters old and new to overcome tremendous challenges and persevere against the darkness threatening their worlds...
  • Truck Driver - Playstation 4 (fisico)
    Precio:  $7,488.00

    Truck Driver - Playstation 4 (fisico)

    -Titulo Original : Truck Driver - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Soedesco-Descripcion Original: Enjoy a trucking experience focused on your career as a truck driver // Build stronger relationships with the local community with each job // Customize your truck with tons of parts and tune it to your liking // Explore a vast open world and watch it progress with you // Navigate through beautiful landscapes and fully explorable cities // Platform: Gamers can soon hit the road in trucking experience Truck Driver! Unlike any other trucking experience, Truck Driver is completely focused on the career mode. By valuing the ‘game’ aspects over the ‘simulation’ aspects, SOEDESCO aspires to bring the fun-factor back into the trucking genre. The game will be available both digitally and physically, for the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, PlayStation4 as well as PS4 Pro, and Steam...
  • Tekken 7: Collector's Edition - Xbox One Collector's...
    Precio:  $18,799.00 $15,829.00
    Expira: 15/10/2019

    Tekken 7: Collector's Edition - Xbox One Collector's...

    -Titulo Original : Tekken 7 Collectors Edition - Xbox One Collectors Edition-Fabricante : BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment-Descripcion Original: 12" x 18" Kazuya & Heihachi Figure // Tekken 7 Original Game Soundtrack // Steel Book // Collector's Box // Tekken 7 Game Software // Platform:  |  Edition: Raise your fists and get ready for the ultimate battle on the next generation of home consoles. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, the storied fighting franchise returns for another round in Tekken 7. With the faithful 3D battle system and gameplay intact, Tekken 7 takes the franchise to the next level with photo-realistic graphics and new and innovative features and fighting mechanics. Tekken 7 resurrects the attitude, competitiveness and showmanship rooted in its arcade DNA to provide the ultimate fighting game experience...
  • Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition - Nintendo Switch
    Precio:  $5,648.00

    Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition - Nintendo Switch

    -Titulo Original : Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition - Nintendo Switch-Fabricante : Bandai Namco Entertainment America-Descripcion Original: A BELOVED TALE RETURNS! — The tale of a young hero on a quest for justice that captivated Tales fans returns to Xbox and makes its way for the first time to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! // EVERYTHING IN ONE EDITION! — Dive into the Definitive version of this game with updated full HD graphics, brand-new music tracks, exciting mini-games, bosses, and a collection of unreleased costume DLC! // THE PARTY GROWS STRONGER! — Yuri sets sail on his adventure with Estelle, a young noblewoman; Karol; a boy in pursuit of a guild to call his own; Rita, an eccentric scholar; Raven, a laid-back archer; Judith, a mysterious dragoon; and Repede, a pipe-smoking dog… and now two more playable characters join the fray! // FIGHT WITH FLAIR! — Assemble your favorite team and enjoy exciting real-time battles with all new Mystic Artes and skills! // Platform: A power struggle begins in a civilization dependent on an ancient technology, the Blastia, and the empire that controls it. The fates of two friends traveling separate paths intertwine in an epic adventure that threatens the existence of all. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Tales of Vesperia is one of the most beloved entries in the ‘Tales of’ series and returns with beautifully remastered full HD graphics, never before seen characters, expanded story, and much more...
  • .hack//G.U. Last Recode - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $3,799.00

    .hack//G.U. Last Recode - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : .hack//G.U. Last Recode - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment-Descripcion Original: 15 years of.Hack - celebrate the 15th anniversary of the beloved global cross media franchise that first released in 2002. // RELIVE THE EXPERIENCE - Set in 2017, return to “The World” and play through the G.U. series as Haseo, as he hunts Player Killers and track down Tri-Edge in order to save his friend, Shino. // THE G.U. TRILOGY RETURNS - Experience the epic G.U trilogy that includes all 3 original .hack//G.U. titles, Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption. // A LOOK BACK IN TIME - Also included is the original Terminal Disc footage that provides background and context to the events that happened in the previous .hack titles. // NEW GAME MODES - Introducing “Cheat Mode”: Begin the game with full stats to simply experience the story, or “Retry Mode” to retry battles without having to return to the title screen. // Platform: Log back into the .hack//G.U. trilogy and return to “The World,” as Haseo tracks down Tri-Edge in .hack//G.U. Last Recode, now with enhanced graphics, improved gameplay, and brand new modes! This collection includes all 3 original .hack//G.U. titles, Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption, all fully restored and remastered for PS4and PC. Immerse yourself in “The World,” a MMORPG, and find out what is real and what is reality in .hack//G.U. Set in 2017, years after the events of the first .hack series, “The World” has now been rebuilt. Follow Haseo as logs into “The World” and hunts PKs (Player Killers), in order to gain strength and track down Tri-Edge, a strong PK who attacked his friend, Shino, in the game and put her into a coma in real life. Relive the drama and epic battles in 1080p and 60fps, and improved battle balance and pacing for the definitive .hack//G.U. experience...
  • Jump Force: Standard Edition - Playstation 4
    Precio:  $7,469.00

    Jump Force: Standard Edition - Playstation 4

    -Titulo Original : Jump Force Standard Edition - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Bandai Namco Entertainment America-Descripcion Original: A unique setting, merging the Jump World and the Real World. // The Jump Force, an alliance of the most powerful manga heroes from DRAGON BALL, One Piece, Naruto, and much more // Realistic graphics bring manga characters to life like never before // Xbox One X Enhanced / PS4 Pro Support // Platform:  |  Edition: For the first time ever, the most famous manga heroes are thrown into a whole new battleground: Our world. Uniting to fight the most dangerous threat, the Jump Force will bear the fate of the entire humankind. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the famous Weekly Jump Magazine, Jump Force is making the most of latest technologies to bring characters to life in a never-seen-before realistic design...
  • Nba 2K18 Legend Gold Edition - Xbox One
    Precio:  $5,215.00

    Nba 2K18 Legend Gold Edition - Xbox One

    -Titulo Original : Nba 2K18 Legend Gold Edition - Xbox One-Fabricante : Take Two Interactive-Descripcion Original: 250, 000 VC for in game // 40 MyTEAM Packs to build your perfect fantasy team (delivered once a week). Featuring a guaranteed Shaq card, one random Team 2K Free Agent card, and more! // Shaq Attaq shoes - Rookie Shaq jersey - Shaq Official Logo shirt - Shaq "nickname" jersey - Shaq Championship ring // Mitchell & Ness Shaq jersey collection - 6 in total - Additional MyPLAYER apparel items // The NBA 2K18 Legend Edition Gold includes the following digital items...
  • The End is Nigh - Nintendo Switch
    Precio:  $3,210.00

    The End is Nigh - Nintendo Switch

    -Titulo Original : The End is Nigh - Nintendo Switch-Fabricante : Nicalis-Descripcion Original: 600+ levels // 12+ exportable chapters // 20+ collectible and fully playable mini game cartridges (each with their own tiny achievements) // 80+ achievements that will make you feel good about yourself // Hundreds of collectible little squishy tumors // The End is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer where the player takes control over Ash, one of few things that have survived the end of the world. Follow Ash as he flops his way through a future of pain and suffering. Feel his stress levels rise as you throw him into an endless swarm of decaying, mutant animal-like creatures and help aid his final epic simply make a friend (out of pieces of people he finds along his journey)...
  • World to the West - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $2,216.00

    World to the West - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : World to the West - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : Soedesco-Descripcion Original: Four playable heroes, each hailing from individual nations and possessing unique identities and abilities // Explore a vibrant world: filled with characters who have their own helpful and not-so-helpful agendas // Experience seamless transitions: between combat and puzzle solving which really keeps you on your toes // Different ways to deal with enemies: face them head-on with brute force, convince them to see things your way or avoid them altogether // Uncover lots of secrets: more secrets and secrets inside secrets. Exploration is key to unveiling World to the West's mysteries // Style: World to the West expands on the universe of critically acclaimed 2D puzzle platformer Teslagrad, but offers a 3D action adventure experience instead. This gives a whole new perspective on the universe Rain Games created for their very successful debut title. Players who've played Teslagrad will encounter both new and familiar faces during their journey. World to the West is a cartoony, top down action adventure inspired by European adventure comics. The player takes control of four unique characters, each with their own motivations, skills and interweaving storylines as they seek to escape the dark shadow of an ancient prophecy. The player travels through corrupt colonies, lush jungles and frozen tundras as they snoop through the secrets of a forgotten civilization...
  • The Raven Remastered - Nintendo Switch
    Precio:  $4,479.00

    The Raven Remastered - Nintendo Switch

    -Titulo Original : The Raven Remastered - Nintendo Switch-Fabricante : THQ Nordic-Descripcion Original: A classic whodunit adventure from King art, the creators of the book of Unwritten Tales-series // Experience a thrilling crime story through the eyes of multiple characters // Classic murder mystery locations, from a train in the Swiss Alps, to a majestic cruise ship and the Cairo Museum // High quality voice acting from a compelling cast of quirky characters // Fully remastered animations, lighting and Hair in full HD resolution // The Raven remastered is a full graphical remaster of the classic whodunit adventure that lets you explore a thrilling crime story through the eyes of multiple characters. London, 1964. An ancient ruby is stolen from the british Museum. At the crime scene: a Raven feather. Is somebody trying to follow in the footsteps of the Raven, the legendary master thief who disappeared years before? Constable Anton Jakob Zellner finds himself in the middle of the kind of murder mystery he so Far only knew from reading his favorite crime novels. Nothing is what it seems. Everyone has something to HIDE. And the Raven is always One step ahead.....
  • Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $7,755.00

    Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : Labyrinth of Refrain Coven of Dusk - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : NIS America-Descripcion Original: Fast-Paced Combat! - Strange creatures and traps of all sorts will stand in your path as you go deeper in the maze. Give orders to your army and crush your foes with special skills. // A Massive Maze - Dive into the miasma-filled labyrinth as the Tractatus de Monstrum along with your brigade of puppet soldiers to smite monsters and uncover dark secrets. // Build an Undefeatable Army - Create your very own puppet soldiers, grant them a variety of different roles, and assign them to specialized squads to make your own unique brigade. // Enjoy English and Japanese in-game voices and English and French text. // Platform:  |  Edition: After a long journey, Dusk Witch Dronya and her young apprentice, Luca, arrive in the far-off town of Refrain. Masquerading as a simple traveling puppet show, Dronya's true goal lies at the town's center: the Well of Khalaza. It is said that this well leads to a sprawling labyrinth deep beneath the town that is filled with wondrous well as vicious monsters, deadly traps, and a thick, poisonous fog. None who have entered the well have ever returned...with one exception. The one man to have successfully explored the labyrinth and come back alive wrote his findings in a book called the Tractatus de Monstrum. Now in possession of this very same book, Dronya seeks to use its knowledge and her brigade of enchanted puppet soldiers to conquer the labyrinth for herself...but to what end? What mysteries does the labyrinth hold? What dark secrets lie in the shadows of Refrain...
  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands - Xbox One
    Precio:  $4,728.00

    Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands - Xbox One

    -Titulo Original : Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands - Xbox One-Fabricante : UBI Soft-Descripcion Original: Play with total freedom of choice in a massive open world. // Design your attack plan and tackle missions the way you want. // Brave the elements as weather and terrain impact your gameplay. // Take down the Santa Blanca cartel and save Bolivia from ruin. // Experience intense 4v4 tactical matches in Ghost War mode. // Platform:  |  Edition: Now includes the 4v4 Ghost War PvP mode! In Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands, the Santa Blanca drug cartel has transformed the beautiful country of Bolivia into a perilous narco-state, leading to lawlessness, fear, and rampant violence. With their corrosive influence growing, the cartel is set to bring this entire country to ruin. But all hope is not lost. You and your elite team of Ghosts must infiltrate and destroy the deadly cartel to save Bolivia, and its people, from total collapse. Set in a massive open world, you have total freedom of choice; every decision made affects the world around you. You decide how to play...
  • Punchline - PlayStation 4
    Precio:  $3,026.00

    Punchline - PlayStation 4

    -Titulo Original : Punchline - PlayStation 4-Fabricante : PQube-Descripcion Original: Be a friendly Ghost - haunt a house Full of girls while you solve puzzles, play tricks and cause trouble // Level-up your powers! - learn to master your poltergeist abilities as you progress - from moving objects to full-body possession! // An immersive adventure - visual novel elements Mixed with 3D environments and point-and-click aspects // Get uber - hang out with Super heroes such as strange juice and discover your own strength! // LIVE the anime - based on the critically-acclaimed anime - with a completely different ending! // If he sees underwear, humanity will be destroyed! punch line is the newest visual novel adventure from the creators of zero escape and the science adventure series! play as yūta iridatsu, a high school student who faints at the sight of panties. After being stuck in Ghost form, it's up to you to help yūta get back into his body and solve the mystery of why he cause an asteroid to destroy the Earth every time he gets too excited by his underwear-sighting!...
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