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  • Porta Tarjetas De Memoria, SD PRO DUO SDHC MMC - 20 Unidades
    Precio:  $6,809.00

    Porta Tarjetas De Memoria, SD PRO DUO SDHC MMC - 20 Unidades

    -Titulo Original : SD Card Holder, WOVTE Plastic SD MMC SDHC PRO Duo Memory Card Case Holder Jewelery Case Transparent White Pack Of 20-Fabricante : WOVTE-Descripcion Original: - TAMAÑO - 1 3/8 x 1 3/8 x 1/4, 20 paquetes de estuches para tarjetas SD individuales. - RANGO de APLICACIÓN - Se adapta a la tarjeta de memoria SD PRO DUO SDHC MMC. - MATERIAL - Hecho de plástico duradero. - CARACTERÍSTICAS - Ligero y duradero, el pestillo fijo es fácil de usar. Evita que las tarjetas de memoria se llenen de polvo y se pierdan. - Se puede utilizar como almacenamiento de tarjeta de memoria, almacenamiento de SIM o almacenamiento de joyas para su billetera...
  • Estuche de tarjeta de memoria para 4 tarjetas SD SDHC SDXC
    Precio:  $7,389.00

    Estuche de tarjeta de memoria para 4 tarjetas SD SDHC SDXC

    -Titulo Original : Kiorafoto KHD-SDMSD6 Easy Carry 42 Slots Slim Credit Card Size Lightweight Portable SD TF MSD Memory Card Case Storage Keeper Holder For 4 SD SDHC SDXC 2 TF MSD Microsd Microsdhc Microsdxc Cards-Fabricante : Kiorafoto-Descripcion Original: Up until the 1970s, every major new jazz style came from its mother country, the United States - except for one that was invented by European musicians as the European variety of jazz: Manouche Jazz, also known as Gypsy Swing or Sinti Swing, as Django Reinhardt called it, invented and cultivated with his Hot Club de France in the 1930s. The guitar, which has long played no role in American jazz, was and is the focus here. And as the genre name suggests, it was and still is musicians from the Sinti and Roma ethnic groups who maintained and continued Reinhardts virtuoso, rousing and timeless style. One of Reinhardts outstanding descendants has long been Josef Wawau Adler, born in Karlsruhe in 1967. Today, now that Django Reinhardt would have celebrated his 110th birthday on January 23, 2020, Adler is putting a musical monument to him on this ideal occasion, which is also called Happy Birthday Django 110. Since Django Reinhardts Quintette du Hot Club de France has shaped me and countless other musicians all over the world, it was only natural to make the album sound exactly like this, says Wawau Adler. For this reason, the original sound of the old recordings was adhered to during production: Adler plays an original Selmer guitar No. 828, which, like Djangos guitar No. 503, dates from the 1940s. And it was recorded with only two globally unique and very valuable microphones, which are modeled on the originals used at that time. As back in the days, no other recording technology was used. On the other hand, respect for the great role model also means taking his idea of jazz as an individual expression seriously. A challenge, because this happens exactly at the time of its creation in improvised music...
  • Funda para tarjetas de memoria resistente al agua
    Precio:  $7,719.00

    Funda para tarjetas de memoria resistente al agua

    -Titulo Original : JJC MC-SD6CF3 Rugged Water-Resistant Memory Card Case Fits 3x CF / 6x SD Cards, Black-Fabricante : JJC-Descripcion Original: TARJETAS NO INCLUIDAS - Estuche resistente de policarbonato resistente al agua para llevar tarjetas de memoria - Cada ranura está estrictamente diseñada para adaptarse perfectamente a la tarjeta - Dos lados que te permiten almacenar tarjetas de memoria. - Sistema de bloqueo ergonómico y tiene un orificio para facilitar su transporte - Se adapta a tarjetas SD 3x cf / 6x Estuche para tarjeta de memoria resistente y resistente al agua de la marca JJC. Este modelo (mc-sd6cf3) almacena 6 tarjetas de memoria sdhc/sdxc más 3 tarjetas compact flash. Fuerte caja de resina de policarbonato resistente al agua con sello de goma...
Mostrar del 1 al 3 (de 3 productos)
Páginas de Resultados:  1