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  • Greartisan DC 12V 600RPM N20 High Torque Speed Reduction Mot
    Precio:  $5,389.00

    Greartisan DC 12V 600RPM N20 High Torque Speed Reduction Mot

    -Titulo Original : Greartisan DC 12V 600RPM N20 High Torque Speed Reduction Motor with Metal Gearbox Motor for DIY RC Toys-Fabricante : Greartisan-Descripcion Original: ?Imported Steel Plate?After precision machining of 7 kinds of lathes, complete with four secondary auxiliary processes, high precision and customizable. // ?Three-layer Copper Plate?It has good wear resistance, high temperature resistance and vibration resistance through continuous stamping with precision molds. // ?Processing Technology?M0.15 micro module gear, clock gear technology, after six processing, high precision, good reliability, can guarantee stability under high life. // ?High Temperature Resistance?High quality black plastic material, double-riveted riveting to prevent falling off at high speed. // ?Greartisan Gurantee? We only offer high quality motors! Any quality issues, please feel free to contact our customer service! // Size:  |  Color: Small size dc gear motor with low speed and big torgue! 12mm gear motor provide 0.1Nm torque and more reliable! DC gear motors can match encoder, 3ppr! 8 kinds of Reduction ratio: 10,30,50,100,150,200,298,380! Rated Voltage: DC 12V Reduction Ratio: 1:50 No-Load Speed: 600RPM Rated Torque: Rated Current: 200mA D Shaped Output Shaft Size: 2.5*9.2mm (0.098 x 0.36) (D*L) Gearbox Size: 9 x 12 x 10mm (0.35 x 0.47 x 0.39inch) (L*W*H) Motor Size: 15.2 x 12 x 10mm (0.598 x 0.47 x 0.39) (L*W*H) Net weight: 9g Electronic door lock, intelligent switch, steam hair straightener (water jet straight hair outlet), label stripper, intelligent wear, intelligent machine 3D printing equipment products, curling device, safe, electric screwdriver, display frame, etc. 1 x Mini DC Geared Motor 1.Use tolerance: Pay attention to the use of voltage and current range, otherwise the motor performance and motor life will decline. 2.Handling motors: Gently, as far as possible the use of motor shell part. 3.Motor wiring: Red lead to the positive electrode, black lead to the negative pole, if reversed, the motor rotation in the opposite direction. 4.Overload: As far as possible within the specified load range, prohibit motor blocking or close to the stall state for too long time to runs. Otherwise, the motor will burn out. 5.Motor storage:    -- Storage temperature: 0? - 40?;    -- Storage humidity: 15% -90% RH;    -- Avoid placing in high temperature, high humidity and corrosive gases. 6.Motor use temperature: 0? - 70...
  • Adafruit UBEC DC/DC Step-Down (Buck) Converter - 5V @ 3A out
    Precio:  $4,559.00

    Adafruit UBEC DC/DC Step-Down (Buck) Converter - 5V @ 3A out

    -Titulo Original : Adafruit UBEC DC/DC Step-Down (Buck) Converter - 5V @ 3A output [ADA1385]-Fabricante : ADAFRUIT-Descripcion Original: Adafruit Part Number: 1385 // Stock Type: Power >> Converters >> Step-Down // In Stock & Ready to Ship // Your power supply problems just got SOLVED! This little circuit board may look tiny but inside is a high efficiency DC/DC step-down converter which can output up to 3 Amp at 5V without the need of any heat-sink or forced cooling. (It does get a bit toasty at 3A though) UBEC stands for universal battery eliminator circuit and this UBEC is designed to replace a 5V supply in RC planes and 'copters but its also great for any kind of microcontroller or electronics project that runs off of 5V. We tried a half dozen different 'BECs and found this one to be the best in terms of range and stability. You can check the technical tab for the analysis of input/output range and current draw. To use, connect 6V up to 16V (recommended) to the IN-side wires and 5V will be generated on the OUT-side wires. You'll get 5V (+-5%) regulated output from higher voltage input. 3A output current, 5A peak - if you're trying to draw 3A you'll need to give it a little more than 6V though, 7V works well. The UBEC has built in filter capacitors on the input and output, but its a switching supply so its a little noisy compared to a linear regulator. We pulled the heatshrink off of one and found an MP2307 you can check the datasheet for conversion efficiency and other specifications. UBEC DC/DC Step-Down (Buck) Converter - 5V @ 3A output ( 0:40 ...
  • VGEBY1 Surpass 3665 4 Poles Brushless Motor for Remote Contr
    Precio:  $15,839.00

    VGEBY1 Surpass 3665 4 Poles Brushless Motor for Remote Contr

    -Titulo Original : VGEBY1 Surpass 3665 4 Poles Brushless Motor for Remote Control Car RC Boat 2600KV-Fabricante : VGEBY1-Descripcion Original: ?High Quality?It adopts premium material. High-strength aluminum alloy is resistant high temperature. High-speed bearing is durable and practical. // ?High Efficiency?High efficiency, high torque and 4 poles design. Overall efficiency is over 90%. // ?Low Heat Consumption?Low heat consumption, long service life, strong overload protection. // ?Applicability?The 4 poles brushless motor is suitable for RC car and boat. // ?Service Guarantee?As a responsible seller, we promise that 100% test before shipping to ensure product perfect. 100% Money Refund/ New Replacement if you have any question about this product, Worry-free Guarantee. // Material: Metal + Magnet Color: Blue Weight: 277g Type: RC Parts & Accessories Model: 3665 KV (RPM/V): 2600KV Product: 3665/2.5Y Watts: 1400 Max Voltage: Package List: 1 x Motor 1 x Manua...
  • DC Motor,12V 0.32A 150W 13000-15000RPM Electric DC Motor Lar
    Precio:  $7,849.00

    DC Motor,12V 0.32A 150W 13000-15000RPM Electric DC Motor Lar

    -Titulo Original : DC Motor,12V 0.32A 150W 13000-15000RPM Electric DC Motor Large Torque High Power for Go Karts E-Bike Motorcycle-Fabricante : Hilitand-Descripcion Original: 775 Motor DC 12V; Rated speed 13000-15000RPM // Wide applied for electric tools, dc electric fan motors, electric cleaner motor, etc. // With copper wire production,easy to wire and install // Small electric motor with mini size 10cmx4.3cm /3.9" x 1.7"(motor body) // 5mm/0.1" shaft diameter // Specification: Material: metal  Model: 775 Type: DC Motor Rated current: 0.32A Rated voltage: 12V Rated power: 150W Rated speed: 13000-15000rpm 3C rated voltage range: less than DC 36V Weight: 349g Shaft dia: Approx. 5mm / 0.1inch Quantity: 1pc Package List: 1 x DC Moto...
  • CHANCS JS-50 Synchronous Motor 12V DC Motor 10RPM CW/CCW Ele
    Precio:  $5,749.00

    CHANCS JS-50 Synchronous Motor 12V DC Motor 10RPM CW/CCW Ele

    -Titulo Original : CHANCS JS-50 Synchronous Motor 12V DC Motor 10RPM CW/CCW Electric Motor Gearbox with M4 Thread Hole Shaft-Fabricante : CHANCS-Descripcion Original: ?Description:?JS-50 DC geared motor has an iron shell on the outside and plastic gears on the inside. The plastic gears are injection molded from high quality POM material, which is wear-resistant, low noise and not easy to deform. // ?Specification:? Shaft Diameter: 7mm (0.28")? Shaft Length: 15.5mm(0.61")/15mm (0.59")? Shaft Thread Hole Inner diameter: ?3.4mm (M4)? Size: 50*50*34mm (1.97"*1.97"*1.34")? Working Voltage: DC 12V? No-Load Current: 20mA? Speed: 10r/min? Power: 2W? Rotation: CW/CCW There is a slight discrepancy in measurements, please check before ordering!! // ?Application:?Mainly used for direct current electric fan wind guide mechanism, swing head mechanism, heater, heater, all kinds of display stands, arts and crafts, and so on. Lighting fixtures, toys and other utensils, automatic doors and windows, vending machines, automatic barbecue grills, medical equipment, and air conditioning fan guide motors for all types of air conditioners. and microwave oven turntable motors, etc. // ?Attention:? 1.The applicable voltage of this motor is DC 12V, using AC power supply, the motor does not work. If you can't judge whether your power supply is AC or DC, please ask the custcome service before buying the motor. 2.The faster the speed, the quieter the relative noise will be. And, the higher the speed, the lower the torque. 3.This motor can change the direction of rotation by simply changing the positive and negative poles of the DC power supply. // ?About custom:?Motor shaft, line length, speed, voltage can be designed according to customer requirements. If you need other models of motor, you can contact us by email. Welcome to bulk purchase and OEM orders! // Speed: 2RPM 5RPM 10RPM 15RPM 20RPM 30RPM 40RPM 50RPM 60RPM 70RPM 80RPM 100RPM 120RPM 150RPM Specification: Shaft Diameter: 7mm?Shaft Length: 16mm?Shaft Thread Hole Inner diameter: ?3.4mm (M4)?Size: 50*50*34mm (1.97*1.97*1.34)?No-Load Current: 20mA?Power: 2W?Rotation: CW/CCW Voltage: 3V5V6V12V24V Read more Small Size, Big Torque Motor length 58mm, thickness 34mm. High torque for DIY. Low noise, Good Quality Metal-plastic hybrid gear, less noise, quieter motor operation. Small Power Consumption Minimum power 4W. Easy to Install Small weight, easy to install and use. Read more PWM Speed Controller DC 12-40V 10A 370 Worm DC 12V Gear Motor TYC-50 12V DC 500 DC Gear Motor 390 DC Gear Motor Size 28*55*60(mm) 30*22*76(mm) 57.5*57.5*20.8(mm) 19*32(mm) 29*46.5(mm) Voltage DC 12-40V 12V DC 12V DC 1-12V DC 6V DC Speed 2RPM 2.5-3RPM 500RPM 19000RPM Shaft 14mm 16mm 2mm 11m...
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