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  • Adafruit 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip - 10 Pack
    Precio:  $17,069.00
    Expira: 12/04/2023

    Adafruit 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip - 10 Pack

    -Titulo Original : Adafruit 5050 RGB LED with Integrated Driver Chip - 10 Pack-Fabricante : ADAFRUIT-Descripcion Original: Adafruit Part Number: 1655 // Stock Type: NeoPixels >> NeoPixel LEDs // In Stock & Ready to Ship // Make your own smart LED arrangement with the same integrated LED that is used in our NeoPixel strip and pixels. This tiny 5050 (5mm x 5mm) RGB LED is fairly easy to solder and is the most compact way possible to integrate multiple bright LEDs to a design. The driver chip is inside the LED and has ~18mA constant current drive so the color will be very consistent even if the voltage varies, and no external choke resistors are required making your design minimal. Power the whole thing with 5VDC and you're ready to rock. This is the 4 pin LED chip version, not 6. It is code compatible and the same over-all shape and functionality but not the same pinout so you cannot use these to replace an 'S chip. If you are designing a new PCB we suggest going with the B, since it has built in polarity protection. Other than that, B and S are the same brightness, and use the exact same code interface. The LEDs are 'chainable' by connecting the output of one chip into the input of another - see the datasheet for diagrams and pinouts. To allow the entire chip to be integrated into a 6-pin package, there is a single data line with a very timing-specific protocol. Since the protocol is very sensitive to timing, it requires a real-time microconroller such as an AVR, Arduino, PIC, mbed, etc. It cannot be used with a Linux-based microcomputer or interpreted microcontroller such as the netduino or Basic Stamp. The LEDs basically have a WS2811 inside, but fixed at the 800KHz 'high speed' setting. Our wonderfully-written Neopixel library for Arduino supports these pixels! As it requires hand-tuned assembly it is only for AVR cores but others may have ported this chip driver code so please google around. An 8MHz or faster processor is required.These raw LEDs are cut from a reel and/or might be loose. They may not suitable for pick & place + reflow. We recommend these for careful hand soldering only! Comes in a package wi...
  • Adafruit Solderless Analog RGB LED Strip Clip Sampler [ADA10
    Precio:  $18,409.00

    Adafruit Solderless Analog RGB LED Strip Clip Sampler [ADA10

    -Titulo Original : Adafruit Solderless Analog RGB LED Strip Clip Sampler [ADA1004]-Fabricante : ADAFRUIT-Descripcion Original: Adafruit Part Number: 1004 // Stock Type: LEDs >> Strips // In Stock & Ready to Ship // These ingenious little clips make it easier than ever to use our analog RGB LED strips - no need to solder! The clips snap onto the ends of the LED strip and hold securely. They're not waterproof but you could cover them in heat-shrink to make them weatherproof. You get one piece of three different types: One is a short joiner - it can join two strips together. The second type is a long joiner - it can join two strips together 6 apart. The third type is a pig-tail, it gives you four stripped wires at the end that you can solder or plug into one of our controllers (also 6 long). We have a tutorial on using these clips over at
  • Luces de LED multiples funciones a pilas- 3 modos intensidad
    Precio:  $27,339.00

    Luces de LED multiples funciones a pilas- 3 modos intensidad

    -Titulo Original : OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light 3 Brightness Modes Cordless 28 LED Lights At 200 Lumens-4 X AA Battery Operated,Umbrella Pole Light For Patio Umbrellas,Camping Tents Or Indoor Use-Fabricante : OYOCO-Descripcion Original: - Modo de brillo 1.3: presione una vez para 4 luces LED (atenuación), presione dos veces para 24 luces LED (brillante) o presione tres veces para 28 luces LED (superbrillante). Satisfaga su necesidad de brillo diferente en diferentes ocasiones. - 2. Conveniente: no se necesitan herramientas adicionales, es fácil de sujetar a su paraguas con la abrazadera fuerte ajustable automáticamente incorporada, también se puede colgar en cualquier lugar usando los dos ganchos, montados en postes, se ajustan a los postes con un diámetro de aproximadamente 0.86 (2,2 cm)˜ a 1,81 (4,6 cm)˜. - 3. Ahorro de energía y brillante: con 28 bombillas LED de bajo consumo, ahorro de energía y respetuoso con el medio ambiente. - 4.Múltiples funciones: adecuado para acampar, hacer barbacoas, jugar a las CARTAS o acostarse en su silla de ocio por la noche con sus familiares o amigos. - 5. Fuente eléctrica disponible: requiere 4 pilas AA (NO INCLUIDAS), que se pueden comprar fácilmente en tiendas comunes. Fácil de transportar y preparar para baterías de respaldo. 28 Luz LED para sombrilla de patio ¿Cuántas veces se ha encontrado sentado alrededor de la mesa del patio por la noche, leyendo sus libros favoritos y protegido por la sombrilla, solo para dar por terminada la noche cuando se pone el sol? O cenando o hablando con sus familias o amigos en el patio. 3 Modo de iluminación: Presione una vez para las 4 luces LED internas (Dim) Presione dos veces para las 24 luces LED externas (Brillante) Presione tres veces para las 28 luces LED externas (Superbrillante). Fácil de instalar: no se necesitan herramientas, cables ni fuentes de electricidad adicionales. Conveniente para llevar y usar. Durable: vida útil del LED: 100000 horas. Un juego de baterías dura aproximadamente de 10 horas (28 LED) a 24 horas (4 LED), según la batería que haya utilizado. Especificaciones: Material: plástico ABS Lúmenes potentes: 220 lux Peso: 0,2 KG La luz se adapta a un poste de paraguas de 2,2 cm a 4,6 cm ˜ de diámetro con el abrazaderas ajustables incluidas. El paquete incluye: 1 luz de paraguas de 28 LED usted 100% servicio satisfactorio....
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